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Excited to attend, but your manager still needs a little more convincing? We’ve prepared a few templates to help you. It would be best to give them your own twist, but these should serve as a pretty good starting point.

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For those who live in Lithuania, but working in a company that is international

01 | Local - English
02 | Local - Lithuanian
03 | Non-Local - English

For those who live in Lithuania and wants to convince their Lithuanian boss

For those who live and work outside Lithuania

Dear <Boss>,

I'd  like to ask for an approval to attend You Gotta Love Frontend Lithuania (YGLF, which will take place on May 16-17 in Vilnius.

YGLF is part of a series of international community-driven conferences and it's the first Frontend-focused conference of it's kind in Lithuania.

Why should I personally attend:

It's a great opportunity to learn  

- YGLF is bringing world-class speakers from around the globe like Kyle Simpson (author of "You Don't Know JS", an extremely popular book series on JavaScript), Vitaly Friedman (co-founder of Smashing Magazine, one of the most popular blogs on Frontend design and development) and others. This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest tech and industry trends.

I will be inspired and motivated  

- in addition to learning a bunch of stuff, I'll be able to listen to inspirational talks that'll keep me engaged and operating at 110% for months to come.

Why it's great for our company:

It helps spread the word about us  

- I will be proudly walking around the conference with our t-shirt on, speaking to other developers and letting everyone know how awesome we are. And what’s a better place to spread the word than a conference with all the other participating top-tier engineers?

It builds the community

 - the more events like this one we have, the bigger the community in Vilnius will become. Given how common relocation is nowadays, this is a great chance to encourage talent growth in a nearby country.

Why it's a great deal:

It's only 2 days

- it's an intense 2 days of all-things frontend and then I'm back to business, inspired and ready to go.

It's close by

- unlike other world-class conferences, this one's just around the corner - we won't need to spend much on flights and accommodation. Vilnius has also been recently named one of the most affordable European destinations.

It's inexpensive

- a regular ticket is only 250 EUR (excl. VAT), which is much cheaper than other conferences of similar level and duration.

I think this is a great opportunity both for my personal improvement and for the company as a whole. I'd love to be able to attend and I hope you'll consider it.


Thank you for your time!




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