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Data Visualizations

& Internationalization

Building custom data visualizations with full international support is not always easy. Let's go over useful techniques to customize data visualizations for a global audience. How to format numbers, dates, times, currencies, calendars, x/y axis, and more! We'll talk about the unique challenges with right to left and bi-directional locale visualizations, how colors, iconography, and emojis can be perceived differently in distinct cultures, all with a global audience in mind.

Naomi Meyer
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Naomi Meyer

Software Development Engineer

Naomi works as a Software Development Engineer at Adobe in New York City, where she leads internationalization on her team. Before writing JavaScript full time, Naomi worked as a teacher in local classrooms across Asia and West Africa. She is passionate about developing with diversity, inclusion, and internationalization in mind, and enjoys hiking and riding bikes on the weekends.

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