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Monica Wojciechowska
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Monica Wojciechowska

Frontend Developer / Data Visualization Engineer

Lifelong learner and fan of simplicity. Her mind belongs to deep conversations and translation: from idea to code (React developer), from data to design (data visualisation engineer), from Polish to English (dual USA/Poland citizen). Her heart belongs to the mountains, lakes, and oceans that cover this beautiful world - and all the soccer fields and dance floors in between.

The Language of Shapes: Understanding the SVG Path.

The benefits of SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) are vast: scaleable, style-able, accessible, animatable. And when it comes to SVG, the Path element is the building block of blocks: all basic shapes can be created from a simple path. When twisted, turned, extended, and cut, in the right manner, a path becomes a picture. During this presentation, we’ll take a deep dive into the language of the SVG path to demystify the magic behind implementing these transformations.

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