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Mandy Michael
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Mandy Michael

Development Manager & Front End Developer

Besides her role as a Development Manager at Seven West Media, Mandy is a prolific community organiser, speaker, writer and developer. She is the founder of Fenders, a local meetup for Front End Developers and one of the biggest and longest running tech meetups in Perth. Her passion is combining art and new browser capabilities, resulting in demo filled conference talks and super fun Codepens.

Variable Fonts and Responsive Typography

Variable Fonts allow typography on the web to adapt to the flexible nature of screens, environments, and devices. We can use variable fonts with pre-existing technologies to improve the performance, design, accessibility, and usability of our websites. We can start to design our typography to adjust to various inputs, situations, or events using Media Queries, JS events, and the Sensor or Audio Apis. This will allow us to modify our fonts to aid in storytelling, achieve improved readability and legibility in different situations, environments, or on larger or smaller screens. Let’s explore new and exciting creative opportunities for storytelling, design, and expression in ways standard fonts could never provide us. This is just the beginning of our journey to discover what we can do with variable fonts.

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