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React Query

Consumption of asynchronous data sources has been an issue in frontend development for years. We've all been there - loading states, errors, tons of boilerplate code. Through the years, there have been many attempts to tackle the issues. Finally, with arrival React Query, combined with new React features such as Hooks and Suspense, is it possible that we have finally reached the "asynchronicity nirvana"? In this talk, we will get to know React Query, explore the reason behind all the hype waves it created recently as well as see how it fits beautifully into React to create a true paradigm shift that makes consumption of async APIs a breeze.

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Boris Litvinsky

Tech Lead @Wix

Boris serves as Tech Lead at Wix, working on products empowering over 190 million websites. During his career, Boris got a chance to work in companies of various sizes – from a garage-stage startup to a colossal corporate environment. Boris believes that a product’s internal code quality has a direct impact on its external quality – the business value the product gives the management and the product owner. That’s why he has an immense passion for well-written, highly maintainable, well-tested code. He is a speaker, blogger and the author of Glean for VScode and a huge fan of JavaScript Community.

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