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August 24-28

YGLF 2020 goes digital!

5 free tech talks, spread over 5 days. 


Check out the lectures and photos from YGLF 2019.



Built for developers, by developers, YGLF brings together internationally recognized frontend speakers. This year, due to Covid-19, the conference goes online, for free. We’re broadcasting five talks, over five days from 24th - 28th August 2020. All hosted by MC Bruce Lawson.

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Henri Helvetica

MONDAY | 24.08.20 | 16:00 (GMT +3)

Henri Helvetica - Freelancer

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WEDNESDAY | 26.08.20 | 16:00 (GMT +3)

The prismatic world

of CSS colours

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Bruce Lawson - MC

As well as being a highly-regarded fashion blogger and one of the editors of the W3C’s HTML5.3 specification, Bruce co-wrote Introducing HTML5 and was on the committee drafting the British Standard for commissioning accessible websites. He's currently a freelance accessibility and web standards consultant.  Previously, he’s been a front-end tech lead for a large UK legal website, a tutor to a princess’ daughter in Thailand, a movie extra in Mumbai, a tarot card reader in Istanbul, and a musician.
Follow him at @brucel.

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